If you were hoping that the Jabrill Peppers Heisman Trophy conversation would die in September, you aren’t going to like November.

With a month left in the season, Peppers is clearly still at the forefront of that conversation. For many, his case is looking better than ever.

Each week, ESPN polls all of its Heisman Trophy voters and asks them to file a sample ballot. ESPN college football announcer Joe Tessitore reveals the top five candidates every week in “Heismanology.” Previously, Peppers came in at No. 3 behind Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson.

But this week, Peppers made a significant jump after another all-around effort. Peppers came in at No. 2 behind only Jackson.

Tessitore explained why Peppers got the bump.

“We have been tracking Jabrill Peppers the last few weeks calling him ‘the great divide candidate.’ Voters either put him first or second or leave him off the ballot entirely.” Tessitore said. “Not any longer with Peppers. He now appears on 79 percent of the ballots, so he takes the big jump to second.”

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Tessitore also noted that Peppers was the only candidate besides Jackson to receive first-place votes. It was only nine percent, but that’s still impressive against a quarterback putting up video game numbers.

Will Peppers continue to narrow the gap between he and Jackson? That remains to be seen. But Peppers appears to be trending upward at the right time.

If he keeps making game-changing plays, it’ll be hard for even the most narrow-minded Heisman voter to keep him off the ballot: