It seemed like everyone with a Twitter account fired off hot takes about Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors.

The haters screamed “what a traitor” or “how could he take the easy way out?” Search “Durant” on Twitter, and you’ll get pretty much every opinion imaginable.

One of the millions with strong opinions on the matter was Michigan do-it-all junior Jabrill Peppers. The former five-star recruit doesn’t often take to Twitter to rant. But this subject obviously struck a cord.

So what makes Peppers’ hot takes different from the other millions? Well, he talked about the lack of parallels to the NBA and college football and how business was ultimately what made the decision.

Michigan fans might be interested in the semi-rant he went on:

He responded to someone who tweeted at him “not that but if you lose a national championship to a team 2 years in a row you gonna transfer there to win or beat them?”

Then his mentions blew up:

There was actually a lot more, but that was the gist of it. To see every Peppers tweet related to the matter (there was around 20), scroll through his feed.

Not to look into Peppers’ tweets about making business decisions — he figures to have one to make about the NFL at season’s end — but it’s interesting to get a college athlete’s take on the sports story of the summer. Peppers knows what it’s like to go through the crazy recruitment process, which had similarities to the one that Durant went through.

But, as Peppers said, the two are different situations.