As the Michigan sign-stealing allegations stew, the Wolverines football team remains in good graces for a College Football Playoff spot. ESPN Radio’s Peter Burns doesn’t agree with it amid an NCAA investigation over a Wolverines football staff member spying on the team’s opponents.

“What they’re going to do is they’re going to bury their heads in there because his team is undefeated, that they don’t want to rock it,” Burns said regarding Michigan’s end of the NCAA investigation.

“They’re going to use this as an excuse about ‘Well, we’re going to just let the NCAA do its investigation,'” Burns added. “That’s a bunch of [expletive]. If a school wants to investigate and find information about a wrongdoing, they can do it in a heartbeat.”


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“I see it all the time in college football, and I guarantee you, if Jim Harbaugh was 4-4 right now, and they were trying to find an excuse to get … out of his contract, you know what they would do? They’d have this investigation awfully quick,” Burns concluded. “But that ain’t the case right now.”

For now, Michigan (8-0) remains No. 2 in the nation and poised for a return to the College Football Playoff. The Wolverines face Purdue on Saturday.