The Manning brothers seem to be enjoying their retirement.  You might have seen the quarterbacks during Monday Night Football broadcasts during the 2021 NFL season.

Their next endeavor was a road trip to one of college football’s most legendary coaches, Knute Rockne, as a part of Eli’s “Eli’s Places” for ESPN+. Rockne served as the head coach for Notre Dame from 1918-1930, winning three national championships.

In typical Manning fashion, the brothers had their share of jokes on the trip. Quips included Bill Belichek and Tom Brady.

“Think anybody would buy a Brady Roadster?” asked Eli.

“I don’t think any car’s gonna run on avocado ice cream,” answered Peyton, referring to Brady. “Besides, who wants a car that lost to an Eli?

Of course, the joke by Peyton is referring to his little brother’s two Super Bowl victories over the legendary quarterback.

The segment also included a recreation of Rockne’s favorite play, Old 51. Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn and current Irish head coach Marcus Freeman helped in the fun.

All-in-all, a pretty cool segment.