Rolling up your sleeves and “getting to work” is one of those old clichés we hear far too often from college football coaches. But when Jim Harbaugh inserts that phrase, he’s using it literally.

Harbaugh, along with his family, spent a day at Fair Oaks Farm in Fair Oaks, Ind., and what an adventure that turned out to be. Not only did the Michigan head coach learn about the daily life, processes. and mission of the farm, he got some hands on experience.

Delivering a calf.

Considering how much Harbaugh loves his milk, it’s not too surprising he was spotted at a dairy farm. But delivering a calf?

Well, it happened. And in case you wanted proof, he posted a photo to his Twitter account Monday morning:

That’s one way to spend your time waiting for the season to start.

The real question isn’t why he delivered the calf, it’s whether or not he’s leaving Fair Oaks with gallons of free milk for lending a helping hand while on the farm.