Alabama is a juggernaut.

Clemson is pretty special.

Notre Dame is really good, too.

But who should be the fourth and final team in the College Football Playoff if it started today? ESPN set out a poll to find out what the public thought.

Many believe that No. 4 Michigan is right where it belongs, while others believe No. 5 Georgia should be up a spot. What did the poll reveal?

Michigan got 49 percent of the vote, while Georgia received 23 percent. It really isn’t that close. Regardless of the vote, at the end of the season, it will be up to the College Football Playoff committee to decide.

If Michigan wins out and Georgia wins out — which would include a win over No. 1 Alabama — things could get very interesting. If one loses, however, there wouldn’t be much of a decision to be made (assuming the other top 3 win out).