Michigan won’t forget the day that was in Italy.

On Wednesday, the Wolverines went to St. Peter’s Square and saw Pope Francis in the flesh. Getting to witness the leader of the Roman Catholic Church amidst a crowd of thousands will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

And after Wednesday, Pope Francis will have something to remember the Wolverines by.

Jim Harbaugh got the chance to present the Pope with a Michigan football helmet and a pair of Michigan Air Jordans.

Here’s a better look at the Pope’s new gifts:

Harbaugh didn’t even wear his Michigan hat to meet Pope Francis:

Here’s how close Michigan players got to Pope Francis, courtesy of early enrollee Donovan Peoples Jones:

Apparently the visit with the Pope had quite the effect on Harbaugh, who was in rare form:

Unfortunately for Harbaugh, the Pope apparently didn’t have a clear idea what he was given by the Wolverines. In the Pope’s defense, he’s originally from Argentina, where American football isn’t exactly mainstream:

Still, Harbaugh said that when Pope Francis got the helmet and shoes he nodded politely:

In addition to meeting the Pope, Harbaugh was hoping to have his youngest son, John, baptized by him. But according to ESPN’s Marty Smith, he’ll have to settle for a non-Pope baptism at the Vatican:

Harbaugh and Michigan seem to be in heaven in Rome.

How good of a mood was Harbaugh in? He didn’t seem to mind when a Michigan State graduate (a former MSU rower now covering the Pope) interviewed him after his visit with the Pope: