Tom Brady is already the ageless wonder and will go down as the absolute GOAT in NFL history.

Brady had already cemented his legacy prior to 2020, but that was not enough. Instead, he left New England, landed in Tampa Bay, reunited with Rob Gronkowski, and led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl title. It was the seventh for Brady, adding to his NFL record at age 43.

However, one ESPN analyst believes Brady’s winning is over. That would be Tony Kornheiser, one of the hosts for Pardon the Interruption.

During Tuesday’s show, Kornheiser and co-host Mike Wilbon were asked which quarterback would be quicker to another Super Bowl: Brady or Pat Mahomes. Kornheiser went with Mahomes, predicting Brady is done winning Super Bowls:

“It’s not going to be Brady. Brady’s done,” said Kornheiser. “This was the great win in Brady’s life, late in his life. He showed Bill Belichick that he could win without him. I don’t think the motivation will be there. He’s going to be 44 years old. I know everybody says you can never bet against Tom Brady. I am.

“As you know, I’ve got the Rams in the Super Bowl from the NFC next year. I think it will be Mahomes (from the AFC). ”

Here’s the segment:

Even with Brady’s climbing age and inevitable roster turnover in Tampa, betting against the future Hall of Famer is definitely a risky move.