It’s been almost a decade, but Michigan fans probably still aren’t big fans of Brady Quinn.

The Columbus native and former Notre Dame quarterback led the Irish to a pair of victories against the Wolverines. He was an important figure during one of the golden eras of the storied rivalry.

But now, Quinn’s playing days are behind him and he offers takes on college football and the NFL for Fox. On Tuesday, he joined the Dan Patrick Show to discuss both of those things.

One of the¬†subjects that came up was about Jim Harbaugh’s satellite camps and whether he agreed with his philosophy. To answer that, he referenced the point that Saban made about it being a gray area and that he expected them to be regulated. But the second question Quinn was asked by Dan Patrick was far more interesting.

Would you rather play for, Saban or Harbaugh?

“I don’t know, that’s tough,” Quinn said. “I mean, Nick Saban has the championships so I think you’d probably have to go in that direction at this point, but I think you’d have much more fun with Jim Harbaugh. Looking at it, maybe I’d change my mind because Harbaugh has more of the NFL pedigree, at least from when he was there and the success that he had. And he was a former quarterback with a lot of success as well, so maybe he’d be able to see more eye-to-eye with you as a player.

“As much as it pains me to say because I really wouldn’t want to play for either. I’m a Notre Dame guy. But I’d have to say Harbaugh in this case.”

Surprised? Here’s the video from his full interview on the Dan Patrick Show: