Rashan Gary’s mother wanted to shut down all the rumors. Before things got too carried away, she wanted provide an accurate update on her son’s injury and his playing status moving forward.

Jennifer Coney-Shepherd made a lengthy comment on “The Winged Helmet” Facebook page, providing a more detailed explanation of Gary’s situation. The star defensive lineman hasn’t seen the field in the last three games.

Some fans and message boards — you know how reliable those are — have speculated that Gary may be interested in shutting things down for the season, focusing on getting healthy and shift his attention toward the NFL. Coney-Shepherd says that is not the case.

From Coney-Shepherd’s post:

“[Gary] got hurt a week b[efore] the Notre Dame game. However, he decided that he could play through it and rehab during the week. However, at UM, it’s all or nothing and daily practice is just like a game…so he never had the chance to rest. So instead of getting better it got worse. Then the last game he played he fell on it and the pain was unbearable. After MRI and CT scan, he was told that if he DID NOT rest, treatment, rehab and continued to play (4 to 6 weeks), the next time he may need surgery. So, he followed medical direction and he’s feeling so much better. To play before that time would be detrimental to himself and a disservice to his teammates.”

Gary has played in five games for the Wolverines this season, registering 22 stops, 4.5 tackles for loss and two sacks. The last time he stepped on the field was on Sept. 29 against Northwestern.

With Michigan on the bye week, Gary will have missed the entire month of October. Earlier this week head coach Jim Harbaugh was asked when Gary might return, and he responded with “I don’t know.”

Harbaugh said there was no indication that Gary was planning to skip the remainder of the season.

Michigan is 7-1, 5-0 in the B1G and ranked No. 5 nationally following back-to-back wins over ranked teams Wisconsin and Michigan State. The Wolverines are on a bye week before taking on Penn State the following Saturday.

Defensive coordinator Don Brown said Michigan is “desperately” trying to get Gary back on the field this season.