Now that Michigan has fired defensive coordinator Don Brown, the question about what’s next in Ann Arbor has been the talk of social media for fans of the maize and blue.

Though head coach Jim Harbaugh’s contract extension has yet to be settled, there is anticipation that it will be soon. The departure of Brown certainly makes Harbaugh’s return more likely.

The move is likely the first in what is expected to be a shakeup of the Michigan coaching staff, regardless of Jim Harbaugh’s ultimate future.

Despite the big-game struggles, which many have attributed to Harbaugh’s coaching deficiencies, Brown’s defenses were still ranked highly throughout much of his time at Michigan. But in 2020, the bottom fell out this season as the unit was gutted by injuries and inconsistencies, and it’s clear to anyone watching that it was time to make a change.

Reaction across social media to the firing of Brown, and the future of Harbaugh ran rampant Tuesday after the announcement hit the news.