Rece Davis, Greg McElroy and Joey Galloway all gave their takes on whether or not Michigan should be featured in this year’s College Football Playoff given the off-field investigation into the sign-stealing scandal that clouds the program currently.

“I don’t feel good about this notion at all of (Michigan) not being in the Playoff,” Davis said during ESPN’s Tuesday reveal of the latest CFP rankings. “I agree with Boo Corrigan, it’s not their charge to handle anything that happens off the field.”

Galloway agreed, citing that he just wants to see the full investigation happen and punishments dealt out after the fact.


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“I just want due process. That’s it, just due process,” Galloway said. “Let’s not jump to any conclusion, let’s not punish until we have all the facts… and then if he cheated against the Buckeyes he should be kicked off of planet Earth. He should have to leave the planet. I’m just saying.”

McElroy brought in the perspective of the athletes in this scenario, who likely had no part in the scandal surrounding the program.

“You take away a postseason appearance, you’re not hurting Jim Harbaugh. He’s been to the Playoff twice. You might be taking a little money out of his pocket, shame on the program… But who you’re really hurting is you’re taking away an opportunity to play in the postseason for 18-23 year old guys,” McElroy said. “I am completely against any semblance of a postseason ban or having the players held responsible. I would fine Jim Harbaugh to death, but I would not punish the players.”

No. 3 Michigan will head to Happy Valley to take on No. 9 Penn State this Saturday at noon EST on FOX.