Rece Davis knows Connor Stalions has resigned from his position on Jim Harbaugh’s staff. However, he does not expect that resignation to be the end of the drama surrounding Michigan.

According to Davis, this is what happens in every scandal where a low-level assistant or staffer steps up to try and take the fall:

“I don’t think so, Dan. I mean you and I have been around this a long time, and this is how it always goes,” said Davis during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. “Whether they knew at the upper reaches of the football building that Connor Stalions was doing this, everybody’s going to have their own judgment and have conjecture about whether that’s true. But this always happens. Whenever you get caught in something, there’s always some low-level assistant who raises his hand ‘I was acting alone, nobody knew.’

“We’ve seen it in basketball, we’ve seen it in football. I don’t think this makes it go away in the least. The real question is does the Big Ten implement something in their sportsmanship policy, make Jim sit out for a while? How long is the right amount of time, who knows? I think this is something that sticks with Michigan for the rest of the year.”

Overall, Davis did express surprise that other coaches and ADs in the B1G have been outspoken in calling for punishment against the Wolverines or Harbaugh. He believes that type of plea invites more scrutiny on other programs, something most coaches do not want.

Davis also believes the B1G punishing Harbaugh or Michigan is not in the conference’s best interests. Here’s what he had to say:

“That’s the thing, very few people or institutions particularly act against their own best interest. And punishing Harbaugh does act against the Big Ten’s interest,” Davis claimed. “What I have found interesting about this is the other coaches and ADs have apparently in these meetings been so adamant about Michigan being punished. The reason that surprises me is that typically coaches may be so angry about something, but they’re not doing that because while they might not be stealing signs, there’s something they don’t want you poking around in their business about. And you’re inviting people to come scrutinize you when you become that adamant about wanting to punish someone else.

“That’s the only reason I think the Big Ten might act now. Because otherwise, you’re right, it’s not in the Big Ten’s interest to try and punish a team that very well might win the national championship.”