Ex-Michigan running back O’Maury Samuels had a misdemeanor domestic charge against him dropped in a plea deal on Thursday, according to a report.

MLive.com reported that Samuels appeared in court on Thursday for a settlement conference and the judge agreed to dismiss one count of domestic violence in exchange for a guilty plea for malicious destruction of property less than $200. That charge is a misdemeanor and will likely mean probation for Samuels.

According to the report, Samuels will likely pay a fine and receive probation, even though the maximum penalty is up to 93 days in jail.

The charges come from an incident that occurred in December. Samuels admitted to taking a woman’s cell phone and throwing it on the ground and breaking it. The former Michigan running back told MLive.com that “there was no proof that I hit a woman.”

Michigan dismissed Samuels from the team three days after the incident without any reason provided.