With the 2019 recruiting cycle nearing its end, college football coaches are beginning to shift their focus on prospects in future classes. And Jim Harbaugh is preparing pretty far in advance.

According to a story from The Detroit News, Harbaugh gave a scholarship offer to Isaiah Marshall out of Southfield, Michigan. Oh, I forgot to mention, Marshall is 13 years old and is in 7th grade.

That’s right, Harbaugh is now reaching out to middle school students with scholarship offers. It’s happened before — some coaches have offered 8th-graders in the past — but it’s still odd to see it happen.

Marshall is now the youngest prospect to ever receive an offer from Michigan.

So, why did Harbaugh feel the need to offer the youngster? Well, Marshall is actually the son of Brian Marshall, who played college football at Northwestern two decades ago. And it was Brian Marshall who confirmed that his son received the offer.

“It happened this morning when Coach Harbaugh came to Southfield (A&T) and he reviewed a lot of his tape, broke it down and critiqued it and made the offer,” Brian Marshall said.

Marshall currently plays quarterback for his team.

While it’s certainly odd to see such a young kid receive an offer, Harbaugh must’ve really liked what he saw from the prospect to extend an opportunity to play for Michigan. And if the Wolverines are already offering Marshall, he’ll likely receive plenty of big-time offers in the future.

We’ll just have to wait and see if those programs start offering immediately or if they’ll wait until Marshall hits high school.