The reports connecting Jim Harbaugh to a return to the NFL were ramped up Tuesday evening.

According to Chirs Balas with, Harbaugh is planning to sign on as the next head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. Balas points out Harbaugh is not interviewing with the Vikings until Wednesday but that interview is expected to be “a formality.”

Balas also reported that Harbaugh issued some farewells and thank you’s to people in the program on Monday. Additionally, Balas added that Michigan coaches and players are in “wait and see mode” with an expectation that some Michigan assistants would join Harbaugh with the Vikings.

“Everyone is wondering if they’ll have a job much longer,” a source in the building said. “The team will be notified of everything on Thursday.”

This is definitely an interesting story to follow with college football heading for National Signing Day on Wednesday. Earlier in the day on Tuesday, Harbaugh declined to address his interview with the Vikings. Now, it looks like there may have been some significance to his non-comment.