Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is famous for his khakis, and he reportedly turned that fashion choice into a very nice pay day.

According to a Freedom of Information request made by Sportico’s Daniel Libit, Harbaugh made $250,000 for participating in a Downy commercial in 2019.

The commercial featured Harbaugh and his hallmarked khakis look. If you need a refresher, here’s the ad:

Here’s an excerpt from Libit’s story:

“In 2019, Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh donned his hallmark chino pants and asked an actor pretending to be an earnest equipment apprentice,“Do you think you can keep these khakis wrinkle-free all season?” For his brief, monotone performance, Harbaugh later disclosed to UM, the Downy Wrinkle Guard people paid him $250,000.”

Libit’s story includes reporting on several other top coaches and their recent endorsement deals or speaking fees, including Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Harbaugh received a contract extension earlier this offseason to remain at Michigan. The contract includes a massive pay cut and is heavily dependent on incentives.