A former Michigan staff member is reportedly making a return to Ann Arbor.

Per the The Baltimore Sun, Biff Poggi is expected to make a return to Michigan to join Jim Harbaugh’s staff. Poggi told the newspaper that he is leaving St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland and is headed for Ann Arbor.

Poggi’s role will reportedly be as associate head coach to help new assistant coaches and also work with the offensive line. Michigan already has 10 assistant coaches on staff, so it’s likely that Poggi will be working in an off-the-field role.

“I’m going to Michigan with the idea that I’m going to be there until I finish coaching,” Poggi told The Baltimore Sun. “I’ll be there, I hope, as long as Jim is there and wants me to stay there.”

This would be the second time Poggi has worked on Harbaugh’s staff at Michigan. In 2016, he spent one season with the Wolverines before returning to Baltimore to the high school ranks.

As part of the deal with Poggi, Michigan will not recruit players from St. Frances Academy for the next two years.