Despite the game being over a week away, Michigan officials don’t seem too positive about their chances of the Wolverines football team traveling to Columbus to play Ohio State.

According to a report from Chris Thomas and David Jesse from the Detroit Free Press, Michigan officials are “pessimistic” about their ability to travel to Columbus for the game.

This comes as no surprise as the Wolverines are dealing with at least 12 positive tests for COVID-19 on their football team. They still are awaiting more results from some previous tests as well.

If the game ends up being canceled, there’s still a good chance that the Big Ten conference will find a new opponent for the Buckeyes. That would have the Buckeyes still being eligible for the Big Ten Championship Game as they’re the heavy favorite not only to get there but to win it.

For right now, kickoff is expected to be at Noon ET on Saturday, Dec 12.