There are plenty of people available to gripe about the fact Ohio State made the College Football Playoff despite just playing six games.

Who isn’t one of those detractors? The offensive coordinator of the Buckeyes’ biggest rival. On Monday, Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis expressed his support for Ohio State’s entrance into the CFP.

There are probably holes in this logic, so let’s try and take a look at what Gattis had to say.


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It’s hard to believe the committee was thinking about emotions of those involved when selecting the top four. Though some college football fans may wonder if emotion factors into the committee’s interesting selections.

No fans/environment is also an interesting point. Though other conferences didn’t implement this policy, there were a lot of stadiums held to low capacity. So, it’s hard to make this point.

The third point is probably the best one made by Gattis. That three-week protocol hindered plenty of teams, including the Buckeyes. It’s important to remember that Ohio State was missing nearly two dozen players heading into the Big Ten Championship. The new 17-day rule appears to help the Buckeyes as they prepare to face Clemson.

This final point is also a valid one. Big Ten schools were interested in playing games to fill scheduling holes. It was the conference that stopped that from happening.

Like it or not, Ohio State is in the top four. Let’s just enjoy it for what it is and just remember that anything in 2020 is weird.