R.J. Young gave Michigan some love Friday via The Number One College Football Show, calling the Wolverines the most complete team in the country.

Michigan hasn’t played great competition so far, but Young explained why that doesn’t matter. The most points that Michigan has allowed so far is 10 and that was in its last game against Minnesota.

P.J. Fleck called the Wolverines the best team he’s faced in 11 years in the business after the game. Young shot down the notion that Georgia deserves the No. 1 ranking and explained why.


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“Michigan is doing what I demand of the No. 1 team in the country. We’re not handing out the No. 1 to Georgia just because. I don’t give a damn what they did to Kentucky. I saw you needed a comeback against South Carolina,” said Young. “South Carolina ain’t nobody this year. You needed a comeback against Auburn in Hugh Freeze’s year one. Michigan is the most complete football team in America. Offensively, defensively, and special teams. They are different.”

If that didn’t convince you that Michigan stands out, Young broke down a couple stats from the defensive side of the ball.

Young said that the defense is giving up 6.67 point per game. Another stat he listed said that out of 313 plays this year, not once has the defense had to defend a 1st-and-goal situation.

“Let’s put some numbers to it. They are giving up just 6.67 points per game. I don’t care if you played the JV squad down the street, they’re probably gonna get six or more. Michigan has said absolutely not. 313 plays have been played against Michigan’s defense,” said Young. “Not once have they defended a 1st-and-goal. That means that nobody has managed to run a play inside the 10-yard line.”