While many might be confused by Jim Harbaugh’s plan of attack for the first 3 games of the season, RJ Young praises his plan.

Harbaugh is serving a self-imposed 3-game suspension to start the year, meaning he will not be at the helm as Michigan takes on  East Carolina, UNLV, and Bowling Green.

His plan is to have Jesse Minter, Michigan defensive coordinator, as head coach against East Carolina. Then for the UNLV game, Jay Harbaugh will coach the first half and Mike Hart will coach the second half. Finally, Sherrone Moore will coach Michigan against Bowling Green. Moore is also serving a 1-game self imposed suspension.

Young praised Harbaugh for his plan of attack because of what the experience can do for his assistants.

“Jesse Minter has done more than enough to distinguish himself as one of the better coordinators regardless of which side of the ball and the sport,” Young said on “The Number One College Football Show” Wednesday. “And I think this is a great — not just job opportunity for him — but kudos to Jim Harbaugh who is trying to develop his assistants in a meaningful way. This is interesting to me because it’s not just Jesse Minter on the headset and on the defensive play call sheet, it is Kirk Campbell, quarterbacks coach at Michigan, who’s going to be calling the offense. So you also have another professional development opportunity, but you’re going to have guys that are not used to being in these positions and they”

Ultimately, Young believes it doesn’t really matter who the coach will be for the first three games, because Michigan’s players will find a way to get it done regardless. If anything, it will make the team stronger.

“I don’t think this is going to matter as far as the score, but I do think it’s going to matter as far as what we believe about Michigan,” Young said. “Because the thing that I’ve learned about that program is, it doesn’t much matter who the coaches are, because the players believe in Jim Harbaugh and they believe in themselves.”