It might not be a true rivalry quite yet, but there’s no love lost between Rutgers and Michigan already.

Well, at least that’s true on social media.

Michigan’s creative director pointed out that Rutgers’ latest marketing pitch to recruits had an awfully similar feel to the one he came up with last year:

Michigan tight ends coach Jay Harbaugh was one of the people who retweeted Bills’ tweet. In Rutgers’ defense, it certainly isn’t wasn’t the first time that a recruiting pitch was copied, and there’s no guarantee it was done intentionally.

But this isn’t the first offseason issue that came up between Michigan and Rutgers. After it was announced that Jim Harbaugh was going to be the commencement speaker at Paramus Catholic (NJ) for their spring graduation, Michigan also added a satellite camp in New Jersey.

Chris Ash responded by starting a satellite camp of his own and inviting Ohio State’s Urban Meyer to join him.

So on the surface, it’s not crazy to see one school use basically the same graphic as another. Odd is the fact that Rutgers, which hasn’t been shy about wanting to end Harbaugh’s recruiting dominance in New Jersey, would set itself up to be called out for copying Michigan.

But, copy-cats or not, it’s just more heat in the B1G East fire.