Some SEC coaches just couldn’t ignore Michigan’s spring break in Florida.

Coaches like Bret Bielema, Butch Jones and Kirby Smart decided that they wanted to add to the conversation instead of shrug it off. There were people like SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, who picked the perfect time to voice his displeasure about “overworking student athletes,” even though Michigan didn’t go above the NCAA’s practice hours limit.

By now, you’ve heard all of those people make headlines in regards to somebody else’s practice. Ultimately, that’s what Michigan did in Florida three weeks ago — practice.

So leave it to Nick Saban to say exactly what everybody else should’ve said instead of sounding so defensive. The Alabama coach joined the Dan Patrick Show on Friday and was asked about what he thought of what Jim Harbaugh was doing.

His response was what you’d expect:

This likely isn’t the first time Saban has been asked about the issue. It’s also obviously not his first time using the whole “we don’t worry about what anybody else is doing” argument, because in case you forgot, he’s the one that just won a national title.

And he’s right. Does anybody really know the value of moving practices in Florida? After all, it had never been done before.

Had all SEC coaches and commissioners simply responded like Saban, Harbaugh wouldn’t have had anybody to attack, thus creating even more talk about his team practicing in March.

Once again, Saban’s comments, albeit dry and typical, were the right thing to say. His fellow coaches might want to take note of the way he handles a hot-topic question next time.