The war of words continues.

What began on Tuesday as Nick Saban saying that he didn’t blame Jim Harbaugh for what satellite camps had become and that regulation was needed, is now a back-and-forth feud.

Harbaugh’s Twitter response to the Alabama coach was seen and heard by virtually everyone on Tuesday night. A day later, both of them are still talking about their disagreement.

Saban gave a response to Harbaugh’s tweet. Sort of.

“That’s his business. I don’t really care what he thinks or tweets,” said Saban, responding to Harbaugh’s tweet on Tuesday night where he took Saban to task. “I say what I think is best for college football and say what I think is best for the players and the kids. As I said (Tuesday), it’s not about him or anybody else.”

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Saban repeatedly said that he doesn’t care about what Harbaugh does, so Wednesday’s comments are no different.

Harbaugh, on the other hand, claimed that Saban hasn’t been consistent. The whole reason he called out Saban was because one of Alabama’s assistant coaches left because of recruiting allegations.

Fittingly, Harbaugh had a chance to clarify his tweet on Wednesday…while at his first of 39 satellite camps.

“I was amazed, were you? Were you not amazed at that?” Harbaugh said to “How could you not find that amazing.”

Harbaugh called Saban “hypocritical.”

And just to make sure Harbaugh didn’t drive his point home enough, he fired off this tweet, which is about as clear of a subtweet as he’s ever had.

Harbaugh, of course, won’t be taking much time off on his loaded satellite camp tour. Whether or not this is the last year of unregulated satellite camps, at least it’s not without a bang.