Things went from bad to worse for Michigan and Wolverine Nation as No. 2 Michigan is getting absolutely dominated by No. 3 Georgia in the CFB Playoff semifinal.

Fans of Wolverine Nation thought this was their year for their first National Championship since 1997. Not even at the end of the second quarter, Michigan fans have broken out the iconic and devasting pose, the surrender cobra.

They were out in full force during Michigan’s loss to Georgia.

2021 was not a great year for many people and teams, but Michigan fans were happy that their team has made the playoff for the first time in program history. Fans were at their peak when Michigan defeated their rivals in the Ohio State Buckeyes for the first time since 2011. They looked one step closer to becoming a championship-winning team again.

Instead, unless Michigan shocks the world with less than seven minutes left down 34-3, Michigan fans are going to end 2021 sad and disappointed.