Samuel L. Jackson was apparently tuned into Wednesday’s Maui Invitational showdown between Kansas and Tennessee. It’s also abundantly clear Jackson is no fan of Kansas star and former Michigan big man Hunter Dickinson.

At one point during Wednesday’s broadcast, Jackson took to social media to call out Dickinson as a flopper. Per Jackson, the Jayhawks star “flops like he’s on a soccer pitch!”

While Jackson did not reference a specific play, CBS Sports overlapped Jackson’s post on a play where Dickinson and Tennessee’s Dalton Knecht were tangled up under the basket. Dickinson went to the floor in dramatic fashion while Knecht was called for a foul.

While Jackson might not be a fan, it did not slow Dickinson down in the game. He finished with a 17-point, 20-rebound double-double to pace Kansas to a 69-60 win over the Vols.