Santa Ono is president of Michigan and is certainly looking forward to the season-ending rivalry with Ohio State. Ono even addressed the struggles of the Buckeyes in Week 10.

Those struggles included Ohio State being held to 21 points in a road win vs. Northwestern. It’s undeniable the weather played a factor in that game with heavy rain and gusty winds making it near-impossible for either team to throw the football.

That performance in those conditions has Ono hoping for a particular weather forecast when the Wolverines must make the trip to Columbus at the end of the season.

“From my days in Ohio I recall that it can – on occasion – be windy and cold in that state in late November,” wrote Ono on Twitter while channeling a gif of Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

It is not terribly surprising to see Ono or any other Wolverine hope for a similar forecast down the road. After all, with the way Michigan runs the ball and tries to dominate the trenches, poor weather conditions could give Jim Harbaugh’s team a slight edge on the field.

We’ll see what happens, but it’s never too early to add some fuel to the rivalry, and Ono took the opportunity as Ohio State struggled.