Michigan fans will do a lot to see their football team, even donate to the enemy.

The Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis wrote a story about a couple Michigan alums that schemed their way into tickets for the season opener at Utah.

To summarize Chengelis’ story, the Wolverine fans had flights and hotels booked for the Sept. 3 game in Utah, but were striking out for tickets on the secondary market. The only way to get seats at a reasonable price, they found out, was to make a donation on Utah’s athletic website to get season tickets. They gave $200 without any guarantee of ever receiving Michigan tickets.

But they had to donate in someone’s honor, so naturally, they picked Jim Harbaugh. Utah athletics emailed Harbaugh that someone had made a donation on his behalf, which prompted him to send a hand-written letter to the diehard Michigan fans.

Chengelis obtained a copy of the letter:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 3.18.46 PM

The story says that the UM fans actually had a face-to-face interaction with Harbaugh at a donor breakfast. They got to explain the situation to Harbaugh, who remembered exactly who they were.

Long story short, the Utah/Michigan tickets showed up on the fans’ doorstep last week.

If there’s anything to learn here, it’s that instead of trolling the opposing teams’ message boards, donate some money to their athletic department and see what happens. It can’t hurt.