Semaj Morgan had one of the biggest plays of the game for Michigan in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday.

The freshman wide receiver took a punt return 87 yards to near the goal line, setting Michigan up for an easy touchdown a few plays later.

While Michigan ended up cruising in the game, Morgan’s punt return put them in good position to score their first touchdown and get the momentum going. Morgan looked like a natural on the punt return, but it was just his first one of the season. After the game, he reflected on the huge play.

“I’ve been working on punt returns all year, but never got a chance to do it in the game,” Morgan said. “My first time doing it in a game I was like ‘Bruh, I gotta go crazy,’ but I kinda lost a little gas out there. But it’s all good though, we scored the next couple of plays. I’m just glad I could do that for my team, take it all the way to the 5, that’s an easy way to go.”

After the play, he got props from Jim Harbaugh, who trusted his freshman to field the punt.

“He said, ‘Great job kid,’ and then, you know, he gave me a hug and we were all happy and smiling,” Morgan said.