Aaron Rodgers suffered a lower leg injury Monday night that the New York Jets fear could be Achilles-related. No confirmation has been made, but initial reports do not look good for Rodgers’ first season in New York.

Zach Wilson came in and played well in Rodgers’ relief, leading the Jets to a win in overtime over the Bills regardless of Rodgers’ absence.

But Wilson has had his chance in New York, and many are proposing avenues the Jets could take to not “waste” a dominant defense in 2023 should Rodgers miss significant time.

Shannon Sharpe’s proposal was bold Monday morning. He told First Take that if he were the Jets GM, he’d put a call in to Tom Brady.

Of course, this is bold because Brady has been now twice retired and seems to be done for good after perhaps the best NFL career in league history. The 46-year old could probably still move an offense, but it’s hard to imagine he would want to.

Plus, the Jets’ offensive line might necessitate a more mobile option, meaning Wilson might just be New York’s top remaining option.