When the NCAA extended Ole Miss’s self-imposed bowl ban by a year, a few of the team’s top players decided to transfer elsewhere.

One of those players was star QB Shea Patterson, who will now likely start at Michigan this fall after receiving clearance to play right away.

Over the weekend, Patterson spoke with ESPN’s Edward Aschoff, saying he made what he felt was the best choice for him at this time:

“We had put together a really, really good group in the 2016 class and did everything we needed to do, and [Ole Miss] didn’t do everything they needed to do,” said Patterson. “Some things were left unsaid [about the NCAA investigation] that we didn’t know about. They didn’t think we were going to get the two-year bowl ban. At the end of the day, I wanted to do what was best for me and my career.

“I’ve learned that this is a business, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Patterson added that the decision to leave Oxford was a tough one for him, but said he feels Michigan is the best place for him to succeed:

“It was tough [to leave Ole Miss],” Patterson said. “Once it came out that I was transferring, there were a lot of other people’s sides of things, and it’s tough waking up every day for those four months that everything was going on, not knowing if I was going to play football, the one thing I love doing. A lot of stress was relieved and taken off my shoulders a few weeks ago, so I’m happy to have that.

“I can deal with having a chance of not getting [to a national championship], but not having a chance at all, I can’t deal with that. I put myself in the best situation to succeed and have a better college career.”

Patterson still has to win the Michigan starting job, but if he does, the Wolverines have a talented team returning. And, most importantly for him, they have the chance to play in a bowl game this year.