A Twitter account dedicated to falsifying quotes from coaches and players throughout college football tried to stir up some drama in Ann Arbor and Columbus over the weekend, but Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson debunked a fabricated tweet that supposedly came from his account.

College Football Quotes reported on a fake tweet that made it appear as though it came from Patterson’s official Twitter account. It then ran with the narrative that either Patterson had a burner account or that his account was hacked by someone else.

“Patterson is going to be the best QB in the (Big Ten),” the quote read. “Fields hasn’t even played a snap yet that kids so overrated. Shea would’ve won the Heisman last season if Harbaugh had let him call the plays.”

In reality, the tweet was completely fabricated. The College Football Quotes Twitter account has already produced multiple tweets and quotes that have been proven to be false. Sunday night, Patterson released a statement on the situation.

“The tweet sent around Twitter today with a graphic making a bunch of ridiculous statements about another QB and my Head Coach did not come from me or anyone close to me,” Patterson wrote. “I would never disrespect another player or my HC for that matter. I do not have a “burner account” either. I guess someone thought they could try to ruin my day or make me look bad.”

Patterson isn’t the forced to be a target of the Twitter account. Recently, College Football Quotes also falsified statements from Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal and Florida State’s Willie Taggart.

It seemed out of character for Patterson to take a shot at an opponent or his head coach via Twitter. Now we know he wasn’t the one behind the tweet.