There are rumors flying that Michigan has been tipping plays this year. Offensive line coach and co-OC Sherrone Moore addressed those comments in his news conference Wednesday morning.

From his standpoint, he doesn’t see what the problem is.

“People call out things they think they see, but they really don’t know,” Moore explained. “It’s opinions, that’s life.

“People are always going to say things about you, and just go on and work… But we know what we do, we know how we do it, and we know how to offset all those things. It’s all good, we’re ready to roll.”

It’s not uncommon in the sport today to hear of teams being able to figure out what other teams are doing. An LSU player mentioned in the victory over Auburn two weeks ago that he noticed that Auburn was calling the same play which tipped his team off as to what was coming.

As for Moore and the Wolverines, it doesn’t sound like there is any concern with the offense. We’ll see if that holds up after a Week 7 game vs. Penn State.