Sherrone Moore served his third game of the season Saturday as the acting head coach of Michigan. The Week 12 matchup with Maryland went down as another win, though this one was far from pretty.

Now, the biggest task yet for the Wolverines awaits with a Week 13 showdown against Ohio State. Asked if he has realized the weight of that, Moore said next week’s matchup as the acting head coach hasn’t really registered quite yet.

In fact, the thing Moore is most worried about right now is a visit from his mother. He is expecting another talking to about his cussing outburst from Week 11 when she arrives.


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“Really the only thing that’s hit me is my mom’s coming to town and she’s probably going to yell at me for cussing again,” said Moore. “Besides that, no, it hasn’t (sunk in). Just trying to take it a step at a time. It’s my daughter’s birthday today, so she’s here and when I go home I’m going to celebrate with her. That’s the thing I’m thinking about right now.

“We’ll prepare our tails off for that game starting tomorrow bright and early. Probably won’t sleep a lot which is alright, that’s kind of what we do anyway. But it hasn’t really hit me and probably won’t as the week goes.”

Without Harbaugh on the sideline, it will be up to Moore to keep Michigan’s hot streak rolling. The Wolverines have back-to-back wins over Ohio State and are looking to complete a 3rd straight B1G title.

(H/T The Wolverine)