Sherrone Moore is proud of how locked in Michigan’s players have been during the College Football Playoff. However, the offensive coordinator did expect a smile or two during a trip to Disneyland.

During the first round of the Playoff, the Wolverines traveled to California for the Rose Bowl. Moore said past trips to the CFP helped prepare the team to approach the festivities as “a business trip.”

The OC explained the Wolverines were intense throughout the trip to Pasadena. That includes a lack of smiles from the players while taking in the sights of Disneyland.

“The biggest piece for us is we’ve been in the Playoff for three years. So the guys — I mean, you go back to the Rose Bowl, it was a business trip,” said Moore. “There was no ‘Let’s go have fun.’

“We went to Disneyland and the guys didn’t even smile. I was like bro we’re at Disneyland, you guys have got to smile. The guys are just taking this business-like approach that they know what the goal is, they know what they want, we’re just not going to stop until we get it.”

Now, the Wolverines will put their approach to the test one more time in Monday’s title game against Washington.