Skip Bayless is no stranger to making outlandish comments. But the FOX Sports personality needs a much better explanation for his latest hot take.

During an episode of Undisputed, Bayless was asked to weigh in on the comments made by an anonymous coach that Alabama head coach Nick Saban was a “cheater.”

Bayless then went on one of his usual tangents, downplaying the success of Saban.

“I do agree that Nick Saban is overrated as a football coach,” Bayless said.

After making that questionable remark, Bayless then went on to tell the world who he believed the best coach in the country was. The name will sound awfully familiar to B1G fans.

“I still don’t believe [Saban] is the overall football coach that Jim Harbaugh is,” Bayless said. “Allow me to detail this. If I was able to coach Alabama, and you gave me these recruiting classes…I just think I could win one national championship.

“Jim Harbaugh did turn around San Diego, then he turned around Stanford and everyone thought he was going to turn around Michigan. And what’s he done at Michigan? On defense, he’s had the fourth-best defense, and the first-best defense and the third-best defense for three years. He’s had no quarterback for three years. Now he’s got one, I think, in Shea Patterson…so let’s see how he does this year when he has a real live, authentic, college quarterback.”

Yeah, Bayless’ argument is a little head-scratching to say the least.

Harbaugh has certainly proven to be a quality football coach. He quickly catapulted Michigan into the upper echelon of the B1G immediately and has restored a sense of pride in the program.

But Saban has won six national championships, five since taking over at Alabama in 2007.

Bayless does make some good points about Harbaugh. The Michigan head coach is probably even a little under-appreciated now. But it’s a huge reach to claim he’s better than Saban.

Here’s the full segment from Undisputed: