Kirby Hocutt hammered the point home time-and-time again.

The job of the College Football Playoff selection committee was to pick the four very best teams to compete for a national championship.

Apparently, Fox Sports personality Skip Bayless thinks the committee didn’t hold true to its word when the teams were selected on Sunday afternoon. The longtime sports analyst believed that Michigan was undoubtedly one of the best teams in the country.

Here was his stance on the show Undisputed on Monday morning:


Bayless isn’t alone, as many folks around the country bellowed that Michigan had a more impressive resume than Washington and owned the head-to-head against Penn State.

Sunday, Jabrill Peppers released a series of tweets commending Penn State on its journey to a B1G Championship and acknowledging that the College Football Playoff committee got things right with its selection process.

After a 10-2 season and losing to Iowa on a last-second kick and falling to Ohio State in double-overtime, this conversation probably won’t be going away any time soon.