Michigan running back Donovan Edwards wants to set the record straight surrounding his recent social media post.

The Wolverines running back recently addressed an antisemitic tweet that the sophomore appeared to retweet in a post Thursday. According to Edwards, the retweet was “a glitch” and never meant to be on his platform.

“The retweet was a glitch,” Edwards wrote. “I speak for myself. I know what’s in my heart. I am unequivocally against racism, exploitation & oppression in all forms, including stereotyping and trafficking in hate. I have nothing but love for others & I never judge anyone based on race or religion.”

The tweet that has come into question featured a spliced video including an interview from Ye, perhaps better known as Kanye West, and radio/television personality Charlamagne Tha God. The tweet’s caption read, “Jewish people will literally tell you that they want you to kill your own and humiliate your women simply because they have children to feed.”

Several Twitter users screenshotted the tweet and posted the photo to their own platforms with the hopes of condemning the running back’s actions. Edwards said he did not know how the tweet appeared on his timeline.

Edwards has been on pace for a career in Ann Arbor. Through 5 games, he’s rushed for 307 yards off 43 carries and scored 4 touchdowns.