Taylor Lewan would not pass up the chance to stir the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry once more, even if it’s with his head coach, Mike Vrabel.

Once the Tennessee Titans drafted former Michigan running back Hassan Haskins, Lewan, a former Michigan player himself, shared on social media that he applauded the move.

Lewan is well aware that Haskins went for 169 yards and 5 touchdowns in November’s Michigan-Ohio State game. That production was key in the 42-27 win, which broke an eight-game Michigan losing streak in the rivalry.

“I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Mike Vrabel, Coach of the Year, because his alma mater got absolutely donkey stomped the third week in November by Hassan Haskins,” Lewan said, and then rattled off Haskins’ numbers. “Literally went through them like a sieve. It was embarrassing for Ohio State country, embarrassing for all of them. This man is the pride of Columbus, Ohio. Takes his ego, moves it aside, said I need this kid on my team. First Michigan guy drafted since your boy in ’14.”