Taylor Lewan was not happy with Kirk Herbstreit’s post-Week 10 rankings.

Herbstreit, who is an Ohio State alumnus, ranked Ohio State at No. 2 and Michigan at No. 3. Lewan, who is a Michigan alumnus, thinks Herbstreit is letting his Buckeye bias show.

Notably, the Buckeyes are coming off their worst offensive performance of the season against the lowly Northwestern Wildcats. C.J. Stroud had his worst game as a starter, finishing with just 76 passing yards. The Buckeyes would end up winning 21-7.

The Wolverines also left much to be desired in their Week 10 matchup. The team did end up winning by 35 points, but they were trailing at the half and could not capitalize in the red zone.

Both teams improved to 9-0, and it seems likely that this conversation will not end until the teams play each other in Week 13.