The college football season is flipping to Week 13 of the schedule. That means Rivalry Week is upon us, and all eyes will especially be on The Game between Michigan and Ohio State.

That game will be a huge matchup between 11-0 football teams in Columbus. However, the rivalry made an appearance Sunday evening in Ann Arbor for a different program out of Ohio.

Michigan basketball is facing Ohio University out of the MAC in basketball action in the Crisler Center. Despite not featuring the Buckeyes, facing a program out of Ohio gives Wolverine students a nice chance to voice their distaste for the state.

See for yourself:

When it comes to rivalries, it’s never too early to throw some shade, even if it’s shade thrown at an entire state during a game against a different opponent. Hopefully, the Wolverines can go 2-0 against the state of Ohio this week on the court and on the gridiron.