While everyone is watching former Big Ten quarterbacks Tom Brady and Drew Brees duke it out for the all-time touchdown lead, they are also jockeying for another all-time record.

During Sunday’s game, Brady slung a pass to Antonio Brown in the second quarter for 16 yards. With that completion, Brady officially passed Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice as the NFL player with the most fantasy points in PPR format in the history of the league.

From 1985-2005, Rice tallied 5,141.8 PPR fantasy points. Brady passed that mark with his pass to Brown. At the end of the first half of Sunday’s game against Carolina, Brady had 5,147.8 points.

While Brady now holds that mark, Brees may overtake that spot as the former Purdue Boilermaker plays in the afternoon window against the San Francisco 49ers. Brees is third all-time currently with 5,134.4 PPR points. He needs just seven points to overtake Rice and jump into the No. 2 spot.

Besides Brady’s amazing overall numbers when it comes to fantasy, his point total since turning 40 is 1,013.4 through the first half of Sunday’s game, another NFL record.

Brady’s records speak for themselves. Besides passing touchdowns and fantasy points, he holds the record for Super Bowl victories (6) and Super Bowl MVPs (4).