Tom Brady’s New England Patriots lost to Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans on Sunday Night Football this past weekend.

That loss hurt.

However, the loss that Michigan suffered to Ohio State may have hurt Brady even worse. It was the eighth consecutive loss that Brady’s Wolverines have had against the Buckeyes. The 56-27 final score didn’t help matters.

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On Monday, Brady was asked about the Wolverines’ defeat during his weekly radio appearance on WEEI-FM (93.7). Here’s what he had to say:

“I am at a complete loss,” Brady said. “I have no idea. It’s been tough. I have a few bets I have to settle too, so it makes it even tougher.”

What were Brady’s bets exactly? We don’t know. And, we don’t know if they involve money. Regardless, it’s likely that the former Wolverine QB will be able to be just fine in settling his bets.

Mentally, however, it has to be taxing.

Year in and year out, you lose to your rival. Eventually it gets tiresome, no?