Tom Brady has been making rounds lately, touting the numbers from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’  2-minute drills at the ends of games that has offered the team some success this season.

The Buccaneers find themselves in first place in the NFL ranks in several key stats when it comes to the end of game offense.

Tampa Bay ranks above all teams in points per drive with 4.3, 262 pass yards, 4-0 in Pass TD-INT, a 55.6 3rd down percent, and 23 1st downs during the 2-minute end of game drills.

According to Brady, the 2-minute drill is a great tool and something the players like to do. The QB added that each opportunity on the field is an opportunity to score.

“It’s a great tool,” said Brady. “Everyone likes to do it when it works. We’re trying to score every time we take the field, whether we go fast or slow.”

Tampa Bay has had somewhat of a rocky season, going 6-6 so far this season. Perhaps the new drills can create a spark for the rest of the season. The Bucs take on the 49ers on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.