Michigan’s win over Ohio State last weekend was a long-needed sigh of relief for the Michigan program. The Wolverines had lost 8 straight in the series against the Buckeyes. Coach Jim Harbaugh hadn’t yet beaten the rival. Players past and present wanted to finally experience that moment.

And when the clock hit zeros and Michigan stormed the field, an entire fanbase erupted.

Tom Brady celebrated with his son. As he watched fans storm the field, he told his son he’d get to experience exactly that as the future starting quarterback for the Wolverines. To which his wife yelled, “Let him be what he wants for God’s sake,” Brady joked on the most recent episode of his Let’s Go! Podcast.

Brady said he celebrated the Michigan seniors who got to go out with a win. So, to keep the good times rolling, he brought Harbaugh on his podcast to talk about the game.

“That was a good, old Michigan ass-kicking,” Brady said. “It was such a throwback win because it was the physical team winning. It was such a Big Ten style of football. I think what I loved about it too, the rivalries when teams are good, there’s nothing like (it).”

Both Brady and Harbaugh were California high schoolers who chose to play college ball at Michigan. “I learned how to be a champion at Michigan,” Brady said. They talked about wanting to grow up away from home and learn to persevere through adversity.

Harbaugh said he was most proud of his team for doing that, for fighting.

“It was a glorious weekend,” Harbaugh said. “Bo Schembechler, my old coach, used to say it’s everybody’s duty—for everybody in the state of Michigan—to beat Ohio State. To have accomplished that, our players, they were channeling old No. 10, Tom Brady, no question about it. It’s something that I know I’m gonna remember until they throw dirt over the top of me.”

You can hear the full pod here.