Tom Brady retired for the second time after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2022 campaign came to an end in the Wild Card round. Brady could unretire again, according to a rumor relayed by an NFL Network host Monday.

Rich Eisen shared that at the NFL Scouting Combine he heard chatter about Brady coming back for the 2023 season. He called it the top rumor he heard in Indianapolis over the weekend.

“This (rumor) just blew my mind: Tom Brady might not be done after all,” Eisen said during his Monday show.

“A couple people were just like, ‘Hang on, just you wait.’ And I was like, ‘He’s Instagramming out pictures of his cat.’ But it doesn’t look like he’s getting big and fat, does it? Let it play out. Let’s see who wants what.”

If Brady were to unretire, Eisen said the rumor mill links him to the Miami Dolphins. The team could turn to Brady if Tua Tagovailoa were deemed unable to play due to concussion issues.

“If the Dolphins, somehow or some way get a doctor’s report or piece of information from a medical evaluation of Tua (Tagovailoa) that he may not be ready to go, and suddenly there’s Tom Brady sitting in Florida, where his family is located and where he can easily locate himself,” Eisen said.

“Keep an eye out on that, I was told by a couple birdies at the Combine.”

Brady, 45, said he was retiring “for good” on Feb. 1 and formally filed retirement paperwork to be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2028. The former Michigan quarterback played for 23 seasons, collecting 7 Super Bowl rings and winning NFL MVP 3 times while breaking numerous passing records.