Tom Brady’s team was awarded a roughing the passer penalty after Brady got sacked by Grady Jarrett. ESPN’s Mike Greenberg thinks that Brady should have gotten a flag throw on him, giving his reasoning on ‘Get Up!’ Monday morning.

Brady tried to retaliate after Jarrett sacked him by trying to kick him as he was getting up. Greenberg stated that if any other quarterback tried to do that it would have been a penalty.

The thread of commonality in it all is Tom Brady, by the way. Nothing could be more Brady than him trying to kick Grady Jarrett as he’s going off. ANyone else does that, they’re throwing a penalty on the guy on the ground. Tom Brady deserved a penalty on this play, not Grady Jarrett. He tried to kick him in the ding-ding, and the next thing you know, Grady Jarrett gets a 15-yard penalty.

Ryan Clark also weighed on in the referee’s decision to flag Jarrett. Clark was once a safety in the NFL, playing from 2002-2014.

“You can’t land on him with full body weight, you can’t hit him low, you can’t hit him in the head,” said Ryan Clark. “What he did was rollover with Tom Brady in his hand and lay him on the ground and then Brady tries to kick Grady in the Grady Jarrett maker.”

The penalty call came late in the game and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Atlanta Falcons 21-15.