Tom Brady has NFL Twitter buzzing with his hilarious response to a social media challenge.

Justin Bieber recently started a “tell me something honest” trend on TikTok. Brady responded by tweeting a video whispering that he “might” have fumbled as the New England quarterback against the Raiders in the Jan. 19, 2002 game known for the “tuck rule” call that kept the Patriots from losing the game 13-10.

The video shared Thursday is already over 1 million views. In the accompanying tweet, Brady jokingly asks his followers to keep his admission “on the down low.”

Brady followed it up by addressing Bleacher Report’s quote tweet of the video. The former New England QB humorously added that he only said “might” have fumbled and that obviously the officials made a “probably correct” call (that greatly benefited the Patriots).

The play was so controversial it led to an ESPN “30 for 30” in which Tom Brady and legendary Michigan teammate Charles Woodson look back on the play and whether it was a fumble or incomplete pass via the “tuck rule.”