Tom Brady had a short answer when he was asked about a roughing the passer penalty that went his team’s way against the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons DE Grady Jarrett was called for the penalty.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Falcons 21-15 on Sunday. Brady finished the game with 351 yards passing and 1 touchdown. Jarrett had 3 total and 2 solo tackles.

Brady didn’t comment too much on the penalty, but stated that it’s not his job to throw the flags. Justin Felder of Fox 5 Sports Atlanta posted the video of the interview.

“I don’t throw the flags,” said Brady.

Brady probably won’t care about whether or not it was actually roughing the passer as long as his team gets the call to go their way.

Jarrett’s tackle didn’t look like it was anything egregious. Jarrett tackled Brady when he still had the football and didn’t even slam him into the turf. NFL Network’s Scott Pioli posted the video of the tackle.

It looks like the Buccaneers caught a big break with the referee’s decision.